The Excapist

The Excapist

AKA Krendl

Krendl’s extensive magic career includes being the longest running headliner in the history of Virginia Beach. He has performed over 1,200 shows in 12 years and was voted ‘best in show’ for the past 3 years at the Magic Theater. He has been featured on national television shows and performed on cruise ships and resorts around the world. After performing in Australia, Canada, Italy, England, Mexico, and numerous national tours in the U.S, he has developed a unique style of magic that has been taking him to new heights. Krendl infuses both the old and new world of performance theatre in his touring illusion show.

Krendl’s passion and drive for entertaining started at the early age of 10. By age 12 he was already performing regularly. From even his humble beginnings as a child performing magic, Krendl was fascinated with Houdini’s most infamous escapes.  The challenge of doing things, that are said to be impossible, has been the true heart and soul behind all of his work.

Krendl is proud to join The Illusionists as a special guest in Wilmington, DE & Washington, DC this December.


*Appearing on the Fall 2017 Tour only in Wilmington, DE & Washington, DC.

**Performers are subject to change.