The Inventor

The Inventor

AKA Kevin James
Specialty — Magic Innovation

Kevin James became interested in the art of magic at a very early age. He remembers seeing his first magic performance and – more importantly – how it made him feel. This feeling helped Kevin decide at a young age that performing magic for the world was his life's calling.

Kevin's style of performance is anything but conventional, with his unique comedy and magic garnering him a reputation as a world-class visual artist and making him one of the highest viewed magicians on YouTube with millions of hits. This fresh approach has allowed him to headline in some of the world's top theaters. Additionally, Kevin has performed on television in 89 countries. Some of his past performances include: headlining Las Vegas casinos, starring at the famous Crazy Horse in Paris, royal performances for the Prince of Monaco, Prince of Bahrainm, and the Sultan of Dubai, and a command performance for President Obama at the White House. 

Kevin is a very prolific inventor and consultant of magic. Not only are his performances original, but many of his ideas have made their way into the shows of other famous magicians, such as: Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, Mark Wilson and David Copperfield, as well as several films. Kevin's magical brilliance lead to him receiving the 'Creative Fellowship Award' from The Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences in Hollywood in 2004, as well as multiple ‘Stage Magician of the Year' awards.

Kevin is related to the legendary P.T. Barnum, and he's like his famous ancestor in many ways. His artistic vision was to create the most unique show on the planet and make adults feel like a kid again, which he describes as the "Best job ever!"


*Performers are subject to change.