The Manipulator (Florian Sainvet)

The Manipulator (Florian Sainvet)

AKA Florian Sainvet

Born in Bordeaux, France, Florian Sainvet began his career in magic at the age of sixteen, but it was while devouring his favorite science fiction films and universes at his beloved neighborhood cinema that he discovered his true calling as a futuristic manipulator and illusionist.  After three years of diligently honing his craft, Florian participated in the TV series FRANCE’S GOT TALENT and wowed the judges and audience with his half man, half robot persona and act.  After finishing third in in FRANCE’S GOT TALENT, Florian’s career sky-rocketed, bringing his cutting edge-style to the world’s stage at The World Championship of Magic where the leading Champion of France received a rousing standing ovation.  Florian’s unbridled passion and hard work coupled with his vanguard approach to manipulation and magic will leave you wondering… which universe is he really from? 

Florian Sainvet is proud to join The Illusionists as a special guest in Wilmington, DE & Washington, DC this December.


*Appearing on the Fall 2017 Tour only in Wilmington, DE & Washington, DC.

**Performers are subject to change.